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Services we provide

Clarity's Business Applications Cloud, Project Management and Implementation Services

Our global managed services practice provides tailored support combined with ongoing advisory to deliver efficiencies that evolve with your business and business needs, with primary focus on Oracle and Microsoft solutions and technologies.

With teams across multiple time zones, we are able to provide around-the-clock availability for end user support and standard maintenance. Our standard maintenance procedures align with the cloud application leading practices to prevent unexpected down times.

We provide ongoing advisory to ensure your business has the opportunity to uptake new features as well as ensuring the application continues to grow to support your business. With our continuous monitoring and tracking, we are able to identify improvements to increase process efficiencies and end user adoption.

Managed Services

Clarity delivers reliable and predictable Application Management based on our extensive experience from designing and implementing business solutions. We have refined and standardized the handling of managed services for business applications to mitigate the risk factors and provide a stable solution for you. A number of satisfied customers can attest to that.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Clarity deliver cutting edge expertise in Quality Assurance and Testing. We deliver Test Management and experienced test consultants. We utilize automated testing as much as we can, and have partnered with two software vendors to make sure we provide the best services you can get. Our unique expertise in BI and Business Applications makes us the perfect partner for you across your technology and business domains.