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Services we provide

Business Intelligence is an important area in Clarity Consulting, and our consultants have long experience working in the area.  Our expertise include ETL/Integration, DWH, analytics and reporting in several industries.  Our consultant base is continously growing with the number of projects, and our senior consultants have a long track record in the BI market.  Our industry domain understanding combined with out technology expertise is why you can rely on us to deliver what you need in your particiular situation, whether you have a big data project, operate in the cloud or or are aiming to handle streaming data from a number of sensors.


Reporting is always important in any BI project and Clarity has built them all, from narrow specialist report to large enterprise reporting across business units and silos, everything from near real-time to periodical aggregation to visualize your current situation for better decisions.


Usually data needs refinement to provide the insight you are looking for. In our projects Clarity has incorporated everything from simple averages to machine learning models to achieve better decisions support and reporting based on all relevant data for your project.


Clarity has designed and built datawarehouses in the public sector as well as in different industries, utilizing both structured and unstructured data. We deliver knowledge and experience in analyzing and mapping complex data sources, such as ERP solutions, other legacy systems and industry specific solutions. We combine these data into valuable insights by advanced ETL designs. Up-to-date architecture and data modelling that incorporate new technology and new kinds of data consumers within ML, AI, Big Data analytics and IOT stream analyses are among our offerings. We work both with no-sql and more classic principles for building your datawarehouse, on different technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAS and more.