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Clarity Consulting Group AS

Clarity Consulting Group AS


Clarity was established in 2015 in Oslo, Norway. At the time the company focused on Oracle ERP and HCM solutions, which over the past 6 years has evolved into BI and analytics, Application management, Project management and analytics. As a natural evolvment of those areas, Process automation is now the newest domain we are entering.

With the growth of the company also new geographical areas has opened up to us, and we are very happy to have our Houston and India offices in place, serving as our extensions of our home base in Oslo.

Clarity’s mission

Bringing clarity into our customers operations – one tech project at a time, adhering to our code of conduct excellence, honesty, respectfulness and goal orientation.

Clarity’s products
We provide excellent consultants that are there to maximise the value of your investment in ERP, BI or Application Management, whether you need experts in your own project or a project team to deliver the full solution fram A to Z.