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Services we provide

Business Applications

Business Applications is an important area in Clarity Consulting, and our consultants have long experience working in the area with Oracle technology.  Our experience in the ERP area includes Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management,  Supply Chain Management etc.

We also have experience in the same domain areas in projects based on other software brands, and we have experience both from cloud and on-premise applications.

Our expertise includes implementing, integrating and migrating business applications for our customers.

Business Applications Implementation

Clarity has long experience implementing Business Applications based on Oracle technology. We can provide all necessary services to assist and help companies implementing the solution they need to optimize their business processes.

Business Applications Project Management

Clarity has a strong track record in delivering Project Management for implementing business critical applications. We deliver Project Management as a standalone service, or as part of a solution implementation delivered by Clarity.

Business Applications Advisory

Making the right descions when it comes to chosing and investing in new projects is an important management task, that requires the right skill set. Bringing Clarity early in the process will help you reduce and risk cost.