Thank you to the Consul General, CEO of Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce and Magseis Fairfield VP of Finance

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Clarity did on December 1th have a social event at the Norwegian Consul General’s residence in Houston as part of our opening of our office there, and had a very pleasant social gathering with the members of the NACC in Houston.  The event was hosted by Consul General Hilde J Skorpen, NACC CEO John L Hurter and us in Clarity.

Hilde and John opened the event, we gave a short presentation and Matt Adey, VP Finance Magseis Fairfield, gave the MSFF view and experience from implementing a large solution across geographies and business units.  Afterwards there was obviously food, drinks and sharing of tricks of the trade.  We enjoyed our time at the Consul General’s residence to the full, and we certainly got to spend our evening with the both experienced and likeable members of the NACC community in Houston.  For Clarity this was a perfect start for our office and business in the Houston area.

Karissa will on a daily basis follow up on the activities agreed in Houston, and we will support her from Oslo on a continuous basis.  We are very much looking forward to the rest of this story.

To everyone that attended the event we thank you for coming and contributing to a very pleasant and useful evening. 

An extra thank you to Consul General Hilde J Skorpen and NACC Founder and CEO John L Hurter for their effort to help organize and host the event, and to Matt Adey for spending the evening and telling the MSFF story.     

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